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Farm Related News

  • Stanford Earth’s 2020 photo contest drew 156 photographs from faculty, students, and staff. The images captured experiences coping with COVID-19, as well as close encounters with nature from activities before the pandemic.

  • Jennifer Saltzman discussed her role in the Bright STaRS program, which has been influential for scholars at Stanford Earth including Farm intern Claire Valva, local high schooler Michael Wucher and alumni Daniel Ibarra and Jason Stuckey.

  • “I think it’s harder for us knowing people are not able to be here when they want to be here," said Allison Bauer, facility and production coordinator at the O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm. "We get calls from our volunteers all the time, and so I think hearing that is hard for us. We want them to be able to experience this place like us, too.”

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